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Computer Science 9608

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Dear users,one of our users shared a useful website for computer science 9608,computer science 0478,2210 and ICT . Pre release material computer science 9608/2210 http://iteach.pk/   Read More »

Computer science topics

Public and Private IP addresses Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are usually of two types: Public and Private. If you have ever wondered to know what is the difference between a public and a private IP address, then you are at the right place. In this post I will try to explain the difference between a public and a private IPaddress in layman’s terms so that it becomes ... Read More »

Computer Science 9608 has been introduced in place of computing 9691

Changes to syllabus for 2015 • Change of syllabus name Previously named ‘9691 Computing’, this syllabus has been reviewed to bring it up to date and to allow learners more time to develop their computational thinking and programming skills. Teachers are advised to read the whole syllabus document before planning their teaching programme. As ‘Computer Science’, the syllabus now shares ... Read More »

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   9608_Year 2015_syllabus   (251.85 Kb)   

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   9608_Year 2015_Specimen MarkScheme_3   (164.83 Kb)   
   9608_Year 2015_Specimen Pre-release Material_4   (161.24 Kb)   
   9608_Year 2015_Specimen Paper_4   (313.07 Kb)   
   9608_Year 2015_Specimen MarkScheme_4   (207.82 Kb)   

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