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List of Private Schools in Islamabad

List of Private Schools in Islamabad

  1. Sheikh Zayed International School, Islamabad, Jamali Road, Sector H-8/4, Islamabad
  2. Islamabad Convent School, Street no 55, F-8/4, Islamabad.
  3. Beacon House School Systems sector H-8, Islamabad
  4. Joan McDonald School, St. 8, sec. h-8/4, Islamabad
  5. Roots International,F-7 – Islamabad,
  6. Froebels International School – Street 13, F-7/2, Islamabad
  7. SLS Montessori & High School – F-8/1 14 Nazim-ud-din Rd. Islamabad
  8. City School System,H-8, Islamabad
  9. Elementary Montessori School – Islamabad- Boys Branch (House 33, St 60, F-11/4), Girls Branch (House 257, St 31, F-10/1)
  10. Aims Educational System- House#9 , Street# 49 , F-8/4, Islamabad
  11. Elite International School, 218, Margalla Road, (north), F-10/3, Islamabad
  12. Preschool Foundation (Madrissa tul Ehsaan), plot# 38, Park Road, F-8/2, Islamabad.
  13. Fountain Head School, Sir Syed House 7, Street 4, F-7/3, Islamabad
  14. Liberal Arts High School, house# 70, Margalla Road, f-7/2, Islamabad
  15. Oxford High School, h. no. 413, street 43, G-9/1, Islamabad
  16. Stepping Stone School, house# 3, street# 54, F-8/4, Islamabad
  17. Westminster School College, 18, Margalla Road, F-8/3, Islamabad,
  18. The Oaks British School, Diplomatic Enclave Ramna 5, Islamabad.
  19. Islamabad School of Arts and Sciences, Park Road F-8/1, Islamabad
  20. OPF Girls College , Park Road F-8/2, Islamabad,
  21. Lahore Grammar School, Faiz ahmad faiz road,H-8/1, Islamabad
  22. Headstart School Islamabad,G-8
  23. International Islamic Grammar School, F-11/3, Islamabad
  24. Bahria College, Sector E-8, Islamabad
  25. ASAS International School, Margalla Road,Sector F8/4, Islamabad
  26. ASAS International School 2,  Double Road, Sector F-10, Islamabad.
  27. International Grammar School and College,Street #58, F-11/4, Islamabad.
  28. OxBridge International Grammar School, House No.7, Major Double Road, F11/3, Islamabad.
  29. Gandhara Public School, Street # 32, F-11 Markaz, Islamabad.
  30. Khaldunia High School, Street #33,  F-8/1, Islamabad.
  31. Schola Nova, Sector F-8, Islamabad.
  32. PakTurk International Schools and Colleges,H-8/1 & chak shehzad,Islamabad.
  33. Bloomfield Hall, F-10 Markaz, islamabad.
  34. Shaheen School System, Pakistan Air Force Sector E-9.
  35. Preparatory School Islamabad,block 18,diplomatic enclave,G-5,islamabad.
  36. Global system of integrated studies(GSIS),sector H-8/1,opposite shifa international hospital,islamabad.
  37. Super Nova school,Bhitai Rd, F-7/1, Islamabad
  38. Edopia school,58,Embassy Road,G-6/3,Islamabad.
  39. Apples-The grooming school,St 58, G-11/2, Islamabad.
  40. The Early Learners Daycare and Preschool,9-A, Street 61, F-7/4, Islamabad, Pakistan

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  1. if there is any school with reasonabl fee and hostel facility

    • first of all you should mention the name of your city where u want such type of school,then we would be able u give u feedback.In islamabad you can check Pak-Turk school.thanks

      • Mera naam measum abbas hy Main District Rahim Yar Khan,Tehsil Liaquat Pr,Province Punjab main rehta hoon Aur main big city main taleem hasil karna chahta hoon Please school ka naam aur hostel ki fecility k bary main koch batain

  2. A school in f.11 area named mera akko or mera badya. Please send me full addres & phone or cell numbr.
    Here is my cell numbre. 03339402559

  3. Any one can help me to find out best school for my 3 years kid, I want school for grooming and personality building, more options will be appreciated with personal experience or knowledge…. More people comments will be more helpfull


    • it depends on your affordability,different schools have different fee structure.but u can try schola nova F-8,LGS H-8,GSIS H-8.

  4. i want to open a primary school. and i wanted to join a schools group best to join.

    • dear awais,first of all you must have some teaching and administration experience in any school or college.secondly you can get a franchise from any famous schools network like ‘educators’,'smart schools’,'air foundation’,'knowledge schools’ etc

      • Hi, I work with a private NGO that is working in Education Sector. Can you please give me a list of private schools (Monthly fee less than Rs 3500) in Islamabad with their contact numbers? I need the data for a project.

        Hoping for a positive reply.

  5. hi i am looking to study my o lvls in islamabad i will be moving in from qatar but the problem is that i am 20 years old i dropped out 3 years ago and am looking to study again are there any schools that would accept me in o lvls ? any information regarding that ? the fees of the school is not an issue

  6. Muhammad Saleem Shaikh

    I am interested to get admitted my children in class/grade ix,vii,&ii in Pakturk School please let me know the fees structure.

  7. It’s a informative site – thanks. Can you please also provide a ballpark figure for the fees range for different schools as such info is difficult to find online. thanks.

  8. My Son is 3 years old , I have plan for another school ( admissions are in June ) But till that time I want some private ( low fee structure ) Montessori for my kid.
    Please suggest with numbers.

  9. Hi i am looking for a good pre school for my 19 months old baby in f sectors in islamabad where they focus on language,if any one know than please do let me know

    • 19 month old baby means almost 1 and a half year,i think u r looking for a day-care center instead of a school,but later on if u need a good school in F-sector,i can recommend u schola nova,F-8 park road.A good school for kids.

  10. Help me finding a best school

  11. please tell me about a school which is in Islamabad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    If u r a good administor
    i need it
    help me

    • Annie you will have to answer a few questions before i can suggest u a good school.
      1-which sector is preferable for u?
      2-which class u r interested in?
      3-what is your affordability as far as fee is concerned?because some schools are extremely expensive
      4-do u need a co-education system?

  12. i need information abt pak turk school. its fee structure n also that does it have any islamic aspect?
    wat abt convent?

    • pak-turk has the following fee criteria
      grade pre-nursery to 8
      admission fee 40,000
      annual fee 7000
      Security(refundable) 5000
      monthly fee 15200
      in case if u have more than one children,then other children will get 10% discount on admission and monthly fee
      for detail you can contact:0514444822

  13. I want to get admitted my daughter in any school of Islamabad. Monthly Fee budget is 4000/-. Residence will be decided accordingly. I have to shift in Islamabad in March 2014. plz guide which school is best in this range.

  14. Sorry i forget to mention the class. Prep/k.g

  15. hey i need a job in islamabad:( plzz help me out
    is there any vacancy in good school ???

  16. hi im interested to know the best school for my 3years old son in any sector of isb i want to knw abt the school which provide best pampering atmosphere for a 3 year old baby. one thing more want to have an opinion that is montessori schools are more preferable. do rep me plzzz

  17. dear mr.ali ,there is a lot of competition in different schools of as far as i know schola nova,roots,beaconhouse and PSI are better in top rank.

  18. What about Educators, Convent and Allies School System. In Islamabad which one is better for 3 years old boy for pre-school

    • Plzzzzzz don’t go for allied schools. They will ruin your child’s future. I had problems there & contacted head office but they don’t take any action. If i send u scanned copies of my child u will cry over it. They are robbers. Educaters is better than allied but i will pay Rs. 5000 instead of 3000 for OPF. Islamabad model schools are wayyyy better than these private robbers.

  19. hi, can u give me the list of international school and colleges whom work in rwp/isb

  20. I want know the name of matric system school in islamabad.for both girls and grade 7 and 9.

  21. Where is The French international school system in Islamabad? Can you please give the address and phone Nos?

    • dear asghar zaidi,plz visit this place,it is a french-american school according to our info
      Ecole des Lumieres
      Phone: 0332-724-6655
      Address: H14, Sumbal Road (Main Double Road), F-10/3, Islamabad

  22. salam, i need a job in islamabad. Is there any vacansy in islambadad schools. plz help

  23. Can u jxt tel me names of some good schools for 9th class …

  24. Hello .. m searching for a job in islamabad ..please guide me any montessori best schools inn Islamabad any sector.. I have work experience of city school for 6 months I worked over there.and please mention pay package with them. Thanku

  25. Hi, i am here in Qatar and doing my business. i am planing to shift my family in Islamabad in December 2014. so i am looking best school in islamabad for my 4 years son. fee does not matter. only quality of education, grooming the personality of child, full English system, all these things matter. could anybody guide me?

  26. Plz more info on Oxford High School, Islamabad, thanks

  27. I need a part time teaching job preferably in f-10 , f-11 sector. I have a prior experience of Montessori children at a well reputed school in Islamabad. I can teach all classes but would prefer teaching children aged 10-15. Please help me in this regard

  28. International Grammar School and College f-11/4 is no doubt one of the best schools in Islamabad.

  29. What about EMS (Elementary Montessori High School) F-11/4?
    Is EMS better or Roots DHA branch for Montessori and primary group children?

    • Please describe about quality of education in EMS (Elementary Montessori High School) vs Pakturk International School Chack Shehzad branch

  30. Hi there,

    First of all, this page looks very helpful. Thank you to the writer for taking time out to create the page and respond to all queries. We would like to take a moment to introduce our school, if there is no problem with that.

    Oxbridge International Grammar School (F11/3, Islamabad) has recently made a variety of changes which were all done with the intention to improve the standard of teaching and learning.

    You may be wondering, “What is so special about Oxbridge? What makes it different?” The answer to this would be that Oxbridge blends Islamic philosophy with contemporary education; we aim to give children a set of tools and skills that will equip them for life. We teach Islam as something more than a subject; it is integrated into every aspect of the school.

    Some of our changes for August 2014 include: the application of a UK curriculum, affiliations with a UK school to aid in our growth, differentiated learning in the classroom, separate English reading lessons, the intrduction of EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) instead of the traditional Montessori, and so much more.

    Feel free to take a look at our website or Facebook page for more information.

    Jazak’Allah Khair. Thank you.

  31. hey, can you give any info about ASAS International school????

  32. hi
    can you give some information about the fee structure of Roots?
    i’m looking for a school for my 2.5 years old neice where they focus on language skills and grooming.

  33. Hello,

    Iam looking for an official or teaching job in school (Islamabad). Can you please help me out in job search?
    I have done MBA and have almost five years of work experience includes coordination,management, administration and banking.

  34. Dear, please share your ideas and experience with IGSC F/11-3, as I wan to admit my two sons in this school.

  35. May I know whether International School of Islamabad is a best school or not?am planning to send my 5y son there next year. Pls comment.

  36. I want to settle my family in islamabad next year.My kids are studying in a british school in U.A.E. plzzz suggest me some names of appropriate schools for my kids (now in grades 8, 5, 4, and 2) which are using Cambridge education system.

  37. Hello,

    I am looking for an official or teaching job in school (Islamabad).

    Can you please help me out in job search?

    I have done B.Sc and have almost 2.5 years of work experience in Schools , as a senior Teacher…!

  38. Salam. please can u give me a list of the top and best primary schools in islamabad. obviously in the better areas. I would like to have a list of around 5 to 10 schools with their fees deposits etc whatever else is required. an approximate figure of the fees is also welcome. Jazakallah

  39. Please add Edopia to the list. I believe that by far Edopia is the best school in the city. It’s new and the teaching methadology and the faculty is just amazing. Haven’t seen any school like Edopia is Pakistan yet.

    • thanks aisha for information.we have updated our list

      • Aoa, useful content. Please add The Early Learners Daycare and Preschool situated in F-7/4, Islamabad. Monthly fee 5000/- p.m, 4000/- annual charges. I’m the Coordinator. 0335-5395608 (Mrs Talal) we r open for admissions. Thankyou

  40. hey, I want to do simple f.a. Are there any good private schools that offer the required course. Fee structure could be anything. But it should be good one.

  41. Very informative site

    Administrator plz let me know ( in detail) what do y earn out of running this site. Thanks … Waiting for yr response…..

  42. I want to know abt good day care center in I-8 sector for my 20 months old son

  43. Can you give idea about quality of education in HeadStart Kuri Campus?

  44. Hi i just want to know about roots international school & Pak turk school admission fee & monthly fee cz i am looking for my brother he is in 9th Inshallah for 10th class i will transfer him which is we select after your comment reply me plz

  45. Salaam , would you please recommend any school with American system, my girls will be moving from US. Classes are 1,4 & 6. Thanks

  46. Please share your ideas and experience with Headstart DHA/ I-8/ PWD or Kuri branch, as I wan to admit my two sons in this school. And also share the fees structure.

  47. Salaam,

    Could you please let me know the admission and tuition fees for Headstart, ICAS, International Grammar School, Roots Millenium School G-11 and OPF if you have the information available? Also how do they compare with each other if possible in terms of curriculum and school environment. Thank you.

  48. AOA..
    I want to get admitted my son 3 and half year old near my work place or home i.e F-6, F-7,F-8, G-8 and G-9 Monthly Fee budget is 4000/- to 6000/-. plz courted me best school in this range.
    plz reply as soon as possible….thanks.Jazza kall Allah

  49. Assalam alikum plz help me , i need a job urgent, resntly mastr in educatn kya ha 1st divisn mn , g-6-1/2 mn job krna cgahti hn teaching k plz plz help me, my fathr is a retird person i want to sport my family financialy

    • rizwana amjad,1st of all you will have to make a professional cv then visit the above listed will definitely have a good response.secondly you must be good in spoken English to get a good job.god bless you

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