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Make Money From YouTube !

Make Money From YouTube !

Hello , and welcome once again to .

In this article , i’ll be showing you guys , how you can easily make money from youtube .

Prerequisites :

Before creating a YouTube channel , you have to decide that what your channel is going to be all about for instance , if you are good at science , then you can create a scientific channel in which you can upload videos related to science and technology , if you play a lot of games then you can create a gaming channel in which you can upload game plays along with commentary which can easily be monetized , if you know a lot of computer tips and tricks , then you can create a channel on that , you can upload vlogs , reactions and so on and so forth .

Create Quality content because quality matters more than quantity , there are some YouTube channels that are over a million subs and upload one quality video per MONTH .

For New YouTube Channels , i would recommend a minimum of 2 videos every week .

After Deciding What Your channel’s going to be about , it’s time to create your channel .

Creating Your YouTube Channel :

1) Head over to :

2) Sign up using gmail account or create one if you don’t have one .

3) Name Your Channel , The Channel Name must be related to the content you would like to upload on it i.e. if you want to create a gaming channel , then the name should be like ‘ultragaming’ or something .

4) Upload Profile Pic And Channel Cover and start organizing your channel .

5) Start Uploading High Quality Videos , Using Your Own Voice In The Video Is Recommended .

6) Share Your Channel with friends and family and start expanding your community .

7) On Reaching 10,000 views , apply for YouTube Monetization Program to start earning real bucks .

That’s It For Now ,, See You Guys Next Time In My Next Post …

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  1. I always wanted to create a youtube channel related to gaming… As I play Minecraft(It is the best game ever)

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