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O/A Level papers discussion Forum

On the request of our respected users,we have started a forum for the students of O/A level to discuss exam papers and questions.

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  1. Plz give me 9th past papers plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Amazing website. Thank you so much :)

  3. may i know please that is it necessary that answers MUST be according to the marking scheme because it happens thats sometimes some reasoms that we write are not included in the marking scheme

    • marking schemes contain only some suggested doesn’t mean that ur answer cant be correct.but u must verify ur answer from any expert teacher or u can use this forum.

  4. where can i get O/N 2014 past paper for URDU (9686) A LEVELS?

  5. A.O.A Sir,

    Sir can you please make a joined booklet for past papers of olevels chemistry, physics , maths (2002 onward) as you have made it for comp. studies. plz sir i am in a dying need i have to prepare for examz

  6. Sir please can you help me I need the notes as well as the past papers from 2010-2014 please do me a favor so I can give my exams by the way I am in 0-1 and I need notes and past papers for pakstudies 1 that means history thank you

  7. can you please post papers from before 2009 for the science subjects..

  8. Need oct/nov 2014 papers for urdu second language please

  9. Are there any notes for a specific subject on A levels , on your website? If so please do tell because im in some serious need of physics(9702), and Math(9709) notes.

  10. Am A-Level Teacher

  11. Sir Can you please provide me with OCT/NOV 2014 CIE A level Papers of Accounting. I have Searched on whole internet but I Cant find these papers. Waiting anxiously for your reply!

  12. Can any one classify the timelines of Pakistan studies (2059)(O-level) and mention them here. Thanks in advance

  13. I drew structural formula instead of skeletal formula in my chemistry a levels . Can I be pardoned for it . I feel so bad

  14. Please anyone tell me about o level result thresholds. Please tell me if they really exist. And please tell me about the estimated grade boundaries for the following subjects.
    First Language Urdu
    Mathematics D
    Pakistan Studies
    Thanks in advance.

    • Bro, they change every year, sometimes even drastically, so its pretty much a gamble, and a gamble not worth wasting your precious time on. So instead of spending time on finding how many marks you need to get a good grade, i would recommend you that you study really hard, and automatically you will fall into a good grade category. Dont waste your time trying to achieve the marks needed to get a good grade, but spend your time trying to blast through everything that comes your way

      • Thanks for your advice. I appeared for o level exam in May 2015 and now i am waiting for result. All i needed was a rough estimate of grade boundaries. If you can give an estimate, it would be very helping.

  15. Wajiha Chaudhry

    Sir could you please post the examiners report of chemistry(9701) and physics(9702).

  16. Plz can you post Urdu B Oct Nov 2014 papers plz??? I really need them….
    And I think Environmental Management papers should be included as well

  17. sir could you please provide the May/June 2015 CIE A LEVEL past paper of Economies (9708) Accounting (9706) Business studies (9707)

  18. A home tutor is available in LAHORE for O level Accounting,
    Interested candidates may contact me at 03444401021

  19. Sir need specimen paper of olevel islamiat 2058 pleaseee only 5 days left

  20. Guys! Are O-Level Biology (5090) ATP Papers available in Topical form somewhere? Any information would be highly appreciated.


    hi i’ve seated for the oct/nov 2015 a level exams, is it possible to have a hint about my result earlier than scheduled that is february 2016. thank you in anticipation

  22. Sir, can I get to know what are the benefits of choosing extra subjects like combined science in olevels if one aims to study in some renowned foreign university after a levels? Will that provide me more chances of getting enrolled if I score A* in extra subjects too?

  23. I need very urgently the videos of only three past papers as mentioned below, can you please help me and send me these videos.

    AICT paper 4 – 2012 Oct – Nov
    AICT paper 4 – 2013 Oct – Nov
    AICT paper 4 – 2014 Oct – Nov

    Best Regards

  24. Can anyone tell me benefits of getting A’s in O’level and what criteria should be met to attain scholarship.

  25. IGCSE Science Combined 0653 About IGCSE Science Combined Syllabus Cambridge IGCSE Combined Sciences gives learners the opportunity to study Biology, Chemistry and …

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