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Students in sobs at horrible paper by CIE

Students in sobs at horrible paper by CIE

CIE is taking Applied ICT papers(P2,P4) these days (from 27th march to 2nd april).It is heart wrenching to see students in sobs at horrible paper. Is this only the studies are all about? Is gimmicks of making the questions more intricate,almost un-attemptable for the students only yardstick for awarding A*s and As. It simply defies the academic sense.

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  1. yes,agreed it was really a tough paper according to my students.

  2. So true I was getting duplicates and hence forth I couldn’t proceed with the paper

    • yaar such me the cie paper was difficult???

      plz tell me i am in 10th grade

      • yes anusha,it was a tricky paper n many student stuck at one point i.e how to remove duplicate,but u dont need to worry,it comes so once after 5-6 years.

  3. True. “Horrible Paper” till now…totally agreed

  4. Students take it lightly. They start preparation late and they don’t meet the assessment criteria. That’s why they find the paper difficult.

    On part of CIE their recommended coursebook has a huge achievement gap. It doesn’t provide appropriate exercise for the students and that causes frustration among the students. eg. the resource files that they import in the book’s supporting files are simple whereas in real exam the files contains deliberate errors that students find shocking.

    I think teachers, students and CIE should reconcile and work together to reduce the stress on the students. It’s okay if the exam is tough as there should be a difference between a tech savvy and a regular Joe.

  5. will I do agree this 2014 session was really hard compared to other year paper
    as majority of the student felt hard there are more chances to global rating for AICT paper

  6. I didn’t think the P4 had been taken yet? The window period hasn’t opened up. However, the grade below me said the P2 was complicated, as it was illogical to delete something that has been given to you and it was impossible to continue correctly without doing so.

  7. The most difficult one i ever came across !!!
    AND I had no clue that do i need to do the pie chart or bar chart !!

  8. !
    people CIE gave a very tough paper in Alevels are there any chances of such a paper coming in olevels in any other subject ?

  9. we can’t predict in advance which of the papers will be difficult but we must prepare ourselves for the worst.

  10. true it was my worst paper ever

  11. undeniably true!! i came out literally crying!! Infact the fist question itself as so tough that i couldnt make it up *w0rried* :( ..

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