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Comments and Suggestions

Cambridge International A & AS Level Mathematics
Syllabus code 9709
The 7 units in the scheme cover the following subject areas:
• Pure Mathematics (units P1, P2 and P3);
• Mechanics (units M1 and M2);
• Probability and Statistics (units S1 and S2).
Centres and candidates may:
• take all four Advanced (A) Level components in the same examination session for the full A Level.
• follow a staged assessment route to the A Level by taking two Advanced Subsidiary (AS) papers
(P1 & M1 or P1 & S1) in an earlier examination session;
• take the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) qualification only.

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  1. Salam , I would like if u will help me in the subject further I live in Saudi Arabia and I love maths but it is difficult to study in SA as no school teaches this subject so I would like if u can send me a notes on the topic especially with S1 and S2.

    • Salam dina. Just wanna let you know sweetheart maths alevels is taught at manarat al-riyadh, middle east, bangladesh intl, pakistan intl, the british school, amongst others. You must live in an extraordinary saudi city where no school teaches maths alevels. Otherwise try out some research. Good luck.


    Hey admin! It will be very beneficial for me if you publish the latest (Oct/Nov) 2013 Examiner Report(s) of especially Ordinary Level subjects. I hope you will publish them as soon as possible. Thank you!

  3. I want please Nov. 13 for English. Code 0510

  4. could anyone tell me any facebook page where we can discuss cambridge A LEVEL 2014 papers which we are done with?

  5. muzammil shahid

    What are the minimum grades that i must get in each component of A level chemistry 9701 to get an overall A?

  6. plz tell me why i cannot download these papers

    • you can easily download papers.just open your required paper and see a download link at the bottom of the paper.

  7. why i cannot get examiner report of english 2011

  8. salam, where can I find 2014 combined science (5129) for both papers? syukran for ICT papers :)

  9. i want variant papers of computer studies 7010, could help me for what

  10. Hello,
    I wanted to ask whether it’s possible to get past papers for French A level. Thanks a lot!

  11. Hi.I would appreciate if you could upload nov 3014 rxaminer report for economics 9706.Thanks in advance.

  12. examiner report nov 2014 economics 9708

  13. Hi,
    Can anybody tell me that what is the minimum marks required for maths of As level paper 1 pure mathematics to get an A grade or B or can anybody suggest me where is the grade threshold of every paper if As level

  14. I need physics paper june 2015 P11,12 P21,22, P41,42

  15. can u please update it as there is no recent past papers Eg:2015 pastpapers

  16. Hi, Is any body having fully solved papers for 9709- P1, P2 , P3 and further math ( 9231)

  17. Dear Administrator,
    It would be great if you published BANGLA cie papers
    The code is 3024.
    I am a born Bengali but I live in KSA. I am attempting Bangla exam as well as Arabic exam.
    Please help me.

  18. Can someone tell me the

  19. Hi. It would be better if you upload the 2016 past papers too. Because it would be more useful for the current year candidates to help on their studies

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