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Cambridge GCE O Level

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  1. I would appreciate it if you have the examiners report for cambridge o level 2014 exam…thank you :)

    • dear Abdullah mansoor,examiner report is only published after the exam has been conducted,it cant be published even before the final exam.this will only be available in september after the result of CIE.hope u got my point.

  2. i would appreciate if u have notes on the o’level subjects…..

  3. Can i please have the 2014 specimen papers for o/l subjects? Thank you…

  4. I need the notes or a revision guide for gce o level islamiyat… pls I dont have time; my exam’s on 6th May! :(

  5. chenyani chirwa

    Is it possible to enter for history 2160 this otober/november

  6. I would likely to ask if you can publish mathematics D 4024/paper 2 questions and answers.Otherwise am I really gratiful.Hope to hear from you soon.

  7. can you please post marking schemes and examiner reports for o level sociology 2251??!!

  8. Hi I’m from Holland and planning to shift with my Family to Pakistan pindi. I am looking for THE best primary and preschool Education for my kids.
    Can someone guide me throught iT.
    I did my matriculations from beaconhouse public school peshawar road in 1993.
    According to my online research roots and beaconhouse. Are THE best. Van domeinen help with THE addmission?

    • I study in Beaconhouse, Lahore. I would honestly advice you to let your children study in Beaconhouse. Through numerous events, I have had the fair interaction with Roots. It has a smoking corner. Your children would probably get out of hands.

    • Well, mam, i read your post out of a blue moon. i recommend beacon. i m a physics teacher. islamabad

  9. how can i get 2015 pakistan studies specimen paper 1 and 2

  10. can I have more notes on physics?

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