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Computer Studies 7010 Changes to syllabus for 2015

Changes to syllabus for 2015
• Change of syllabus name:
Previously named ‘7010 Computer Studies’, this syllabus has been reviewed throughout to bring
it up to date and to allow learners to begin the development of their computational thinking and
programming skills. Teachers are advised to read the whole syllabus document before planning
their teaching programmes. As ‘Computer Science’, this syllabus now shares the same name as
the AS/AL syllabus (formerly AS/AL Computing), indicating the firm links and progression between
these syllabuses.
• New syllabus code: 2210
• Some changes to the assessment structure, but with many features retained (see Section 4):
○ all components are externally assessed.
○ Paper 1 Theory is now 1 hour 45 minutes; 60% weighting; 75 marks.
○ New Paper 2 Problem-solving and Programming: 1 hour 45 minutes; 40% weighting; 50
marks. This paper replaces Paper 2 Coursework and Paper 3 Alternative to Coursework.
There are pre-release materials for Paper 2 Problem-solving and Programming for learners to
complete practical tasks. Teachers are expected to incorporate the pre-release material tasks
into their lessons and give support in finding methods and reaching solutions.
• There is no coursework.
• Clarified syllabus aims and assessment objectives (see Section 5)
• Revised syllabus content (see Section 6):
○ one new practical topic – introducing candidates to the concept of arrays and so enabling
learners to develop programming solutions for real-world problems
○ two new theory topics: computer ethics and hexadecimal numbers
○ one topic removed: systems life cycle.

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