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Mathematics D 4024 Questions & Comments

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`A’ishah (may Allah be pleased with her) narrated that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, "There is no day on which Allah frees servants of His from Fire more than [those freed on] the Day of `Arafat. And, verily, He draws near and then proudly speaks about them [i.e. the pilgrims] before the angels, saying, 'What do these seek?'" (Muslim)


  1. Please publish o level add. maths papers

  2. there r 4 papers but i think we students appear in just two so in which two papers students appear out of these 4

  3. why there r 2 papers of paper 1 like paper 11 and paper 12 which r of the same year and month i don’t get it

    • dear sunny,these are variants of the same paper.cambridge has divided different countries in different regions,so each region will have a different variant of the same paper.the reason to do this was ,since there are time differences in different countries and a paper can be easily leaked out if it was only one.

  4. Hye! I,m stuck in mathematics specially paper-1. Are there any notes for mathematics(paper1&2)?

  5. muhammad qasim

    dear abdullah, please get red spot book (topical) and do all the sections except transformation,vectors(difficult to understand) and give full concentration the first 12 chapters………..

  6. abdullah you must focus on chapter mensuration because it is always their in paper one

  7. cn u pls upload old papers before 2005?

  8. hi well im having problems understanding maths and economics please could anyone just help me with a hint or topics I should concentrate on,im so scared of calculations and stuff like that and please could anyone just send the books and poems for literature ,cheers

  9. hello…
    I just want to know how/where I can get a copy of the June Math 2014 Paper?

  10. It would be nice if you could upload more papers…

  11. When will be exam papers of october 2014 will be published?

    • it will be available in start of February 2014,after the result of oct/nov 2014,which is expected to be on 21st January.

  12. I need help wid math can anyone suggest me any good boOk

  13. students is zone 4 have to appear for paper 11 and 21 or 12 and 22 ?
    and kindly publish add maths 2014 past papers

  14. hey plz can u upload examiner report for 4024 november 2013.
    thanks in anticipation

  15. Dona samarathunga

    Hi I just Wanted to know 4024 Grade Boundaries, Is there any web site i can get.

  16. hello
    can you can upload the past papers and marking scheme for biology 5090 june 2009 paper 32 ???

  17. Hi I want some help in economics and business studies level marking for O levels final year

  18. Is calculator FX82ES PLUS. Allowed for maths p2

  19. Aoa Admin. Am having xtreme difficulty in gettng gd grades in mathematics paper 2 and we have or CIE the day after tomorrow! Wht do I do?

  20. Which calculator are we suppose to use? Does it really matter if it is not the same as the one mentioned in the paper?

  21. Es were not allowed only ms calculators

  22. Please upload the June 2015 Math D 4024 12 and Math D 4024 22 question papers and marking scheme. Thank u very much.

  23. Please upload the may june 2015 past papers for maths D

  24. Plz send Urdu 2nd language olevel 2014 May/june

  25. hello sir ..i need marking scheme of maths paper from 2001 to 2012

  26. helloo sir,

    i need math D past paper answers from 2011 to 2015 plx can u help me bcz um too much stuck in math

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