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What is O Level cambridge

Cambridge O Level, part of the Cambridge Secondary 2 stage, is typically for 14-16 year old. Cambridge O Level is an internationally recognized qualification equivalent to the UK General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE). Cambridge O Level provides learners with excellent preparation for academic progression to Cambridge Advanced including Cambridge International AS and A Levels and Cambridge Pre-U.

Cambridge O Levels have been designed especially for an international market and are sensitive to the needs of different countries. These qualifications are designed for learners whose first language may not be English and this is acknowledged throughout the examination process. The curriculum also enables teaching to be placed in a localized context, making it relevant in various regions.

Assessment criteria

Cambridge O Levels are normally taken after completing the course, and a variety of methods including written, practical and oral are used to assess learners. Candidates can now achieve an A* at O Level, which can be evidenced by looking at the O Level results statistics section of the website. Grade A is awarded for the highest level of achievement, and grade E indicates minimum satisfactory performance. We run two sessions for Cambridge O Level – May/June and October/November, although some subjects are only available in May/June or October/November.

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List of subjects 

  • Agriculture (5038)
  • Arabic (3180)
  • Art (until November 2014) (6010)
  • Art and Design (BD, MV, MU, PK) (6090)
  • Bangladesh Studies (7094)
  • Bengali (3204)
  • Biology (5090)
  • Business Studies (7115)
  • CDT: Design and Communication (7048)
  • Chemistry (5070)
  • Commerce (7100)
  • Commercial Studies (7101)
  • Computer Science (2210)
  • Computer Studies (7010)
  • Design and Technology (6043)
  • Economics (2281)
  • English Language (1123)
  • Environmental Management (5014)
  • Fashion and Fabrics (6050)
  • Fashion and Textiles (6130)
  • Food and Nutrition (6065)
  • French (3015)
  • Geography (2217)
  • German (3025)
  • Hindi (3195)
  • Hinduism (2055)
  • History (Modern World Affairs) (2134)
  • History: World Affairs, 1917-1991 (2158)
  • Human and Social Biology (5096)
  • Islamic Religion and Culture (2056)
  • Islamiyat (2058)
  • Literature in English (2010)
  • Marine Science (5180)
  • Mathematics – Additional (4037)
  • Mathematics D (Calculator Version) (4024)
  • Metalwork (6040)
  • Nepali (3202)
  • Pakistan Studies (2059)
  • Physics (5054)
  • Principles of Accounts (7110)
  • Religious Studies (2048)
  • Science – Combined (5129)
  • Setswana (3158)
  • Sinhala (3205)
  • Sociology (2251)
  • Spanish (3035)
  • Statistics (4040)
  • Swahili (3162)
  • Tamil (3206)
  • Travel and Tourism (7096)
  • Urdu – First Language (3247)
  • Urdu – Second Language (3248)
  • Woodwork (6030)

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  1. yashvinah boojhawon

    Where can i get marking scheme for the whole papers of travel and tourism?


      Dear All, I recently moved from the UK to Karachi and want to do my O level. Can you please help me in finding the course books for maths, physics, chemistry and biology. Please advise me the quality books as I went to the shop, I found thousands of books offered by the salesman.
      Thanks / Jazak Allah khair in advance

  2. Where can I get 5180 Marine Science oct nov 2014 past papers and mark schemes?

  3. I searched for weeks, but couldnt find the marking scheme for (Octobeer -November) marine science
    2014 paper 1. Can anyone help me..?

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