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CSS ( Central Superior Services)

What is CSS?

The Central Superior Services (denoted as CSS; or Bureaucracy) is an elite permanent bureaucratic authority, and the civil service that is responsible for running the civilian bureaucratic operations and government secretariats and directorates of the Cabinet secretariat. The civil service defined itself as “key wheels on which the entire engine of the state has to move.

Who is eligible to appear for the exam?
To apply for CSS Examination, a candidate should be;

  • A citizen of Pakistan.
  • Must hold at least a Bachelors Degree with the second division in any Faculty/Discipline from one of the Pakistani Universities or an equivalent degree or comparable educational qualifications of a foreign University.
  • No candidate who has obtained a Third Division (or ‘D’ grade where result is declared under Semester System) in his Bachelor’s Degree will be eligible for the Examination except in cases where he/she has obtained a higher Division in Master’s Degree.
  • The age limit for admission in CSS Examination is 21-28 years, which is relaxable upto 2 years for those who are already in Government Service and have completed 2 years service. The relaxation is also available to candidates belonging to certain remote areas as defined by Government.

  How many attempts can I make?
You can make not more than three (03) attempts for the CSS exam.

Would my subject combination affect my choice of any occupational group?
No, your subject combination does not affect your choice for any specific occupational group. You can chose any subjects and be considered for any group according to your marks and merit.

How should I select the subject?
For subject selection, keep in mind the following points:

  • Try to have the subjects that you have studied before.
  • Don’t ever go for “that easy subject”, try to find out its scoring value.
  • Previous statistics show that subjects with 100 marks give more score than subjects with 200 marks.
  • Science subjects are more scoring than their arts counterparts.
  • People even have scored 2 marks in some subjects like Constitutional Law because they thought it was too easy.
  • Languages are usually high scoring subjects.
  • Indo-Pak History does not usually result in a high score–avoiding it as generally helpful.
  • However, other history subjects have better scoring averages.

What are the compulsory and optional subjects?

Compulsory Subjects


1) Essay


2) English (precise and composition)


3) General Knowledge – 1 (everyday science)


    General Knowledge – 2 (current affairs)


    General Knowledge – 3 (Pakistan Affairs)


4) Islamiat (optional for only non-Muslims)


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