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visual basic 6.0 portable

just download and start using visual basic without installing it.compatible with most of the windows O.S Read More »

convert decimal fractions to binary

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answer quiz 1

The quiz is given on our facebook page Read More »

Prepare yourself for IELTS

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NTS solved papers part-1 NTS solved papers part-2 NTS-Book-for-GAT-General GAT_Sample Read More »

IELTS Resources

IELTs Secrets Read More »

computer studies(7010) notes about application softwares

The file provided includes: applicaiton softwares and its types e.g spreadsheets,wordprocessing,DTP,databases etc off-the-shelf and custom-written softwares alongwith their advantages and disadvantages web-browsers,search engines,data logging,data validation and data verifications. the following resource is provided by a repected teacher of beaconhouse islamabad,sir muhammad mushtaq   Read More »

Business Studies resources

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Accounts Resources and notes

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